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From a very young age, Ryan Carnie has been drawn to traditional Australian crafts including blacksmithing and leatherwork. Ryan was intrigued by older craftsmen that sparked his interest to work with his hands.


Ryan is a licenced builder and plumber and spends his time doing what he really enjoys, building rustic timber sheds and standing behind his forge in his blacksmith shop (particularly in winter). After many years travelling QLD and NSW for work, he has now settled on a little block near Southbrook.

He prides himself on using modern skills & techniques to bring to you a range of authentic hand forged & handcrafted items from Australia's past. We are especially proud of our realistic metal & copper sculptures which would make an impressive gift or centrepiece for you or your loved one, which would suit any style.

Ryan & Lashai in front of rusty shed


These sculptures are some of Ryan's previous work. Call him to find out if one of these beauties are available to purchase right away. These Sculptures are available to purchase right away. Since we don't work from patterns, each sculpture can't be replicated, so each piece will remain completely unique.

Email or Call Ryan to discuss pricing and installation.

Click 'See Sculptures' to browse this collection. First come, first served.

Old Truck beside a Rusty Shed
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